Best institute for IELTS in Bangalore

Best institute for IELTS in Bangalore

Best institute for IELTS in Bangalore

What is IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country wherein English is the local language. IELTS test is compulsory by universities in various countries. Students applying for a student visa for countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA, will have to give the test on IELTS. Edumirchi is the best institute for IELTS in Bangalore. We provide complete guidance for aspirants who want to study abroad.

IELTS test are two types

  • IELTS Academic test
  • IELTS General Training test


What is IELTS Academic test?

The IELTS Academic test is compulsory for those students who wants to study in English speaking universities. This test accesses student’s proficiency in English language to determine their academic level. This test score decides whether that student is eligible for an undergraduate, postgraduate or professional degree courses.  Students can take IELTS Academic test for expert registration purpose too.


What is IELTS General Training test?

The one who wants to migrate to the UK, Canada, or Australia or wants to work in English Speaking countries needs to take the IELTS General Training. Edumirchi is the best institute for IELTS in Bangalore (IELTS Academic Test). Here our expert consultants will guide the aspirants completely.


IELTS test Procedure:

IELTS format has different sections of the exam

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Candidates should keep in mind that the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections happen in one sitting. The Speaking section will happen later the same day. Sometimes it may happen seven days before or after other tests.


Edumirchi is an overseas education consultancy firm based out of Bangalore.

Edumirchi assists students in how to choose the best universities suitable for their profile. Edumirchi does its services in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, and the Philippines.


For IELTS test take advice from our expert consultants. Our expert consultants will guide you through the proper process as we are renowned “Best institute for IELTS in Bangalore”. @Edumirchi

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Best Abroad study consultants in Bangalore

Which consultancy in Bangalore is best for studying abroad?

If you plan to study abroad, there are great possibilities of achieving a top-quality education, knowledge about modern cultures, and boosting your career prospects.  And definetly you have to looking for Abroad study consultants for all of these.

Students can do research to put together all the relevant documents or work logically through the admissions process and apply accordingly to a foreign university. Looks quite simple? We would say it is not.

Taking the help of a Abroad study consultants is a better thing to do as they can guide you well all through the application process and enrollment.

Step by step process to study abroad:

  • The expert consultant can assist the students to choose the career path and college as per the suitability of the profile. They can give proper information about the courses to study abroad.
  • Mainly educational consultancy will do the student assessment based on their academic proficiency and interests.
  • The abroad study consultants can give services in multiple countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, and the Philippines. Students can choose any of these countries as per their suitability.
  • A consultant can guide you through the entire process of submitting the application along with providing student visa assistance.
  • A consultant can simplify the application process for you by clarifying the university requirements like English language tests. Students applying for a student visa will have to give the test on IELTS. They provide complete guidance for abroad study aspirants.
  • Students wishing to take a student loan to study abroad can take help from experts in the student loan process.

Best part of visiting our Edumirchi education consultancy to study abroad is that parents or students need not worry about the application process. Our expert team is always there to answer your questions and offer guidance. We are one of the best abroad study consultants in Bangalore.

To know more visit us @Edumirchi 

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Top countries that accept backlogs

Top countries that accept backlogs

Did you know, your study abroad dreams can still be accomplished with backlogs? Just make sure to find out the number of backlogs accepted and therefore the criteria towards its acceptance in the country of your choice. The criteria differ from country to country like:

  1. Australia

All Australian private universities accept less than seven or eight backlogs, while universities accept a maximum of two to 3 backlogs.  Just in case you decide for public institutions rather than private ones, you must have less or adequate to eight backlogs.

Note : Australian institutions consider the number of attempts as backlogs.

  1. Canada

Canadian universities accept a maximum of 5 backlogs with a minimum average of 70% during previous study qualification.

Note : The Canadian institutions can also accept seven or eight backlogs for PG degree programs with a minimum average of 65% in bachelors. If you’ve got 10 or 12 backlogs, then you’ll apply for PG diplomas while students with higher backlogs are evaluated on a case-to-case basis.

  1. New Zealand

Most Kiwi universities consider students who have a maximum of 5 backlogs while some select institutions may consider students with a maximum of 12 to fifteen backlogs. Besides, a big thing about admission may be a good IELTS score alongside any tangible research project or extra-curricular activities to make up for backlogs.

  1. The UK

UK institutions easily accept students with 15 backlogs; however, a good score in English-language proficiency test is important like in IELTS an overall band of 6 is mandatory. While there won’t be specific requirements for backlog acceptance, but a good IELTS score is important for admission.

  1. The US

Most American universities prefer students with no backlogs but in some exceptional cases, they could accept a maximum of 5 backlogs provided you’ve got a good GRE score, between 315-325. Also, in cases where there are 10 to 12 backlogs, the admission is predicated on the discretion of the university.

  1. Ireland

Irish institutions usually accept applications with a maximum of 4 to 5 backlogs whereas some might only accept a maximum of two to 3 backlogs.

  1. Germany

German varsities accept applications from students who have ≤5 backlogs. The repetition of backlogs is additionally counted once you submit your applications to German varsities. At an equivalent time, there are places where admissions are granted only to those students who haven’t any history of backlogs.

  1. Dubai

Dubai is emerging together of the foremost favored study destination with quite 20% rise in international students within the last two years. The country is additionally inviting tons of universities to open up the campuses in Dubai. Thanks to flexible immigration policies, most universities in Dubai don’t bother about the backlogs a candidate has. Dubai is developing with the fastest pace within the world, attracting tons of foreign direct investments and on the thanks to becoming a best place within the world for hospitality and tourism.

  1. France

France homes tons of world’s top business schools — French schools don’t really bother much about the backlogs a candidate has. It welcomes international students and provides the facilities which no other country offers. Paid internships, part-time jobs, free travel passes, and up to 2 years post study work permit certainly shows the love this country has for international students. Most French are friendly in nature, and you’ll get adapted to their culture in no time. The faculties just do a telephonic interview to understand a candidate’s caliber and language ability.

  1. Singapore

Singapore may be a very diverse country, and one among the foremost expensive countries to measure within the world for a really right reason. Most universities can accept candidates with many backlogs because the immigration policies are very friends and infrequently any visa is ever refused. Of course, we are excluding the schools like NTU & SMU, yet most other tier-2 ranked universities should be happy to require you in. for many of those universities, candidates aren’t required to write down any exam. All you’ve got to try to be to use and await a couple of weeks for the offer.

Backlogs FAQ’s

What is a Backlog?

A backlog is an exam that you simply couldn’t clear within the first attempt. Please note that it’s mandatory to seem for the exam subsequent time under any circumstances so as to avail your degree from the institution of study.

Absenteeism: In a perfect situation, absenteeism shouldn’t be counted as a backlog. As an example, you probably did not appear for the exam thanks to sickness, accident, or the other genuine reason. However, within the case of absenteeism, you ought to always confirm from your academic institution whether or not they mark an ‘Absent’ or write ‘Zero’ within the score column against the exam subject that you simply couldn’t appear for. it’s essential to verify this from the institute because ‘a zero within the score column’ would ask Backlog, not Absent. If you’ve got already received your academic transcript, then you ought to sign up your mark sheet whether yours is marked as a Backlog or Absenteeism.

How are Backlogs Counted?

Some countries count the amount of subjects because the number of backlogs, while some count the amount of attempts you took to clear those backlogs. These are as follows:

In most of the countries, Number of Attempts ≠ Number of Backlogs!

In the remainder of the planet, the amount of times you’ve got seemed to clear a topic possesses nothing to try to with the amount of your backlogs. For instance, if you had to seem 5 times to clear a backlog in 1 subject, you’d still have just one backlog (not 5). However, if you had to clear 5 subjects and you probably did that in 1 attempt each, you’d have 5 backlogs. You can’t have 20 subjects and quite 20 backlogs, albeit you failed altogether of them 10 times each.

In Australia and Germany, Number of Attempts = Number of Backlogs

The universities in Australia and Germany count the amount of attempts because the number of backlogs. These countries pay special emphasis to the attempts so as to gauge a student’s sincerity towards examination. In other words, if you cleared 1 subject in 3 attempts, the amount of backlogs would be ‘3’. Similarly, if you had backlogs in 2 subjects, 1 of which you cleared 2 attempts and therefore the other in 3 attempts, then the entire number of backlogs would be counted at (2+3=5). Likewise, if you had backlogs in 3 subjects, that you took 1 attempt each, then it might be counted as 3 backlogs.

Can you study abroad with backlogs?

The answer to the present question is ‘Yes’. Backlogs are accepted in almost every country. Nevertheless, there are always a limited number of backlogs that are accepted in every region. Every college, national or international, wants to pick the simplest candidates needless to say. What students got to understand during this regard is what makes their profile strong. There are many good universities across the world that select average profile if they find them suitable for the type of courses they need to supply.

How many backlogs are allowed to review abroad?

The minimum and maximum number of backlogs accepted by abroad universities varies with study destination. It might be ideal to mention that each country accepts backlogs to an extent. There are both lenient and strict regions within the world which will or might not accept high number of backlogs respectively. The strict regions give high importance to the tutorial profiles of international students and consider their overall percentage strictly refusing to simply accept quite a limited number of backlogs.

To what extent are backlogs accepted?

Colleges that accept average candidates from across the planet have some or the opposite selection criteria for his or her profile evaluation. Some colleges specialize in your clear academic records where there’s no scope for backlogs, while some select you on the idea of your recent scores within the standardized exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Also, as discussed above, the topic during which you had a backlog also matters while applying to universities abroad. Other criteria for getting selected by these colleges are your curricular and non-curricular achievements. Allow us to discuss the countries and explore universities that accept backlogs.

What is a Backlog Certificate?

Just as a tutorial transcript proves that you simply have completed your educational programs during a particular institution, a backlog certificate is a symbol that you simply have had n number of backlogs, which you’ll or might not have cleared until the date of issue.

What is the importance of a backlog certificate? What purpose does it serve?

Every country has its own way of counting backlogs. Some countries count the amount of subjects, while some count the attempts made to clear one subject. The admission committee of a university relies on the backlog certificate to count the amount of backlogs. It’s also required to prove that you simply have cleared all of them.

How to procure a backlog certificate?

The college authorities who create your academic transcripts/ degree/ mark sheet/ certificates/ diploma, etc. are those liable for creating your backlog certificate also. You would like to acquire your backlog certificate from the tutorial institution from where you completed your course/programs and received your academic transcript.

How to use a backlog certificate?

A backlog certificate is attached as a document of proof alongside the remainder of the appliance material that your send to the university. The whole application material includes:

  • Financial Documents to prove that you simply are financially capable of funding your education and stay abroad
  • Academic Transcripts for each qualification that you simply have undergone to function a symbol of education
  • Standardized exams score: GRE/GMAT/SAT and IELTS/TOEFL/PTE as per the university requirements
  • Supporting Documents: SOP, LOR, Academic CV, Essay, etc. that are required by the university to gauge you profile
  • Valid Passport

Note : If you’ve got quite one backlog certificate, then you would like to supply all of them to the admission committee. It’s not necessary that university would settle with the newest backlog certificate unlike transcripts.

How does a backlog certificate differ from a tutorial transcript?

Academic transcripts consist of the score of all the themes you’ve got had in your course of study. Backlog certificate has many only the themes you had a backlog in.

In most of the cases, you would like to supply a combined transcript that contains marks of all the semester/years. Generally, when the final-year mark sheet has all the many your three/four years of educational degree, you are doing not got to provide mark sheet for each semester/year. However, you would like to supply as many backlog certificates as you’ve got received throughout that course/degree.

Under what condition may be a Backlog Certificate required?

The admission committee of any university across the world may invite a backlog certificate. It’s regardless of the very fact whether you’ve got a coffee or a better number of backlogs. In some regions like Australia, these are required to function a symbol of the very fact that you simply have zero backlogs.

What to try to if you've got no backlogs?

A common question we encounter is what must be done if a student has no/zero backlogs. During this case, you would like to ascertain which country you’re applying to.

For instance, Canadian Universities don’t invite a backlog certificate if you had no backlogs. Your academic transcript in itself may be a proof that you simply had passed all of your exams.

On the opposite hand, in countries like Australia and New Zealand, you would like to succeed in out your academic institute to acquire a ‘zero backlogs’ certificate to prove as a clearance of your academic records. This is often mandatory within the universities of Australia and New Zealand.

Which countries are strict towards backlogs?

To categorize the worldwide universities region-wise, it might be ideal to mention that backlogs play an enormous role in your profile evaluation American, Canadian, or Australian Universities. Considering the very fact that these are the foremost popular and cherish able regions for studying abroad, the schools in these countries demand the simplest profiles from across the world.

Is it possible to review in USA with backlogs? What percentage backlogs are allowed within the USA?

As most folks know, the US universities give preference to candidates with zero backlogs, there’s always a scope for college kids who are often selected with a maximum of 5 backlogs by some universities. Just in case of 7-8 backlogs, the loophole is to attain well within the GRE exam (somewhere form 315–325) to urge selected by a couple of reputed US universities. For college kids who want to review in USA with quite 8 backlogs, it’s suggested to require some external help for locating a number of the fine institutes before making an application to save lots of their time, efforts and money.

Are Canadian Universities strict towards accepting backlogs? What percentage backlogs are allowed in Canada?

The Canadian universities may consider up to five backlogs in your under-graduation but as long as you’ve got a minimum score of 70%. Though there are always exceptions, for applicants with 7-8 backlogs, there are some universities that need you to possess a minimum of 65% undergraduate score. For the PG aspirants with 10-12 backlogs, options are available in PG Diploma courses, not the Degree ones.

Do Australian Universities have tough criteria for choosing students with backlogs? What percentage backlogs are allowed in Australia?

The private colleges of Australia don’t consider students with quite 7-8 backlogs, while the leading colleges or the Go8 Universities accept at the most 3 backlogs. If you’ve got 8 or more backlogs, chances of being selected are higher within the non-private colleges of Australia.

Note : Australian universities count the amount of attempts you’ve got made to clear one exam/subject.

Do backlogs matter in Germany?

German universities pertain to strict guidelines while accepting applications from students with backlogs, with renowned ones not accepting backlogs in the least.

Note: a number of the lenient universities accept up to five backlogs, but likewise Australia, they count the amount of attempts you had to form to clear one backlog/subject.

Do Universities in Ireland give importance to backlogs?

Some colleges in Ireland may consider candidates with 4-5 backlogs, while some renowned institutions would still reject the applicants with 2-3 backlogs.

Which countries accept maximum backlogs?

Everything has loopholes. Luckily, there are some lenient regions abroad that don’t give much importance to backlogs. They will preferably be impressed with students’ overall personalities and extracurricular profiles. A number of the favored study abroad destinations, that’s the United Kingdom and New Zealand, don’t have such difficult selection criteria for a profile evaluation. Universities don’t give much consideration to the school backlogs.

Does United Kingdom accept backlogs?

The best a part of the United Kingdom universities is that students can easily try their luck albeit they need 15 Backlogs; however, they’re required to possess a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 alongside a good GRE score. Determine which universities accept 5-10 backlogs and which universities accept quite 15 backlogs

Note : The influential UK universities don’t have any scope for applicants with backlogs, albeit they need an impressive IELTS or GRE score.

Is it true that New Zealand Universities offer flexibility in accepting students with backlogs?

The universities in New Zealand may accept up to 4 backlogs, but colleges and institutes would consider your application even with 15 backlogs. In case, you’re score in IELTS and an inventory of extracurricular activities alongside research projects would play an important role. Read: New Zealand universities accepting backlogs

Irrespective of the region it falls in, each university has its own selecting procedure the candidates with backlogs, it’s hence suggested to see the university prospectus to find out about their selection norms.

An interesting fact about the choice norms in some colleges is that there are numerous colleges that don’t give much consideration to your previous academic failures but specialize in your overall personality. They provide consideration to your active participation within the extracurricular activities and non-academic achievements like sports recognitions, presentational or leadership records, etc. Things like research projects, work experience or internships, training certifications, etc. also recompense for your backlogs.

All this will be well-explained through the supporting documents that you simply require during the appliance procedure, like SOPs, Admission Essays, LORs, CVs, etc. which also prove helpful while applying for scholarships.

Will backlogs affect your Visa processing?

In general, backlogs won’t affect the Visa processing and therefore the visa interview for any country. As long your university accepts you and provides you a confirmed admission, you’ll not have any problems with a Visa. If any questions on your backlogs are mentioned during the interview, be confident and good together with your answer.

MS in Data Science in UK

MS in Data Science in UK

Top Universities, Fees, Admissions, Scholarships, Jobs
MS in Data Science in UK is obtainable as a course-based postgraduate degree by over 75 institutes. The duration of a full-time degree is 1 year whereas as part-time program are often completed within 2 years. A full-time masters in data science from UK universities will cost a world student anywhere around 23,000 to 25,000 GBP per annum. This may be like 23.6 Lakhs to 25.7 Lakhs INR once a year for an Indian aspirant getting to pursue data science courses within the UK.

This program is a component of the computing and informatics discipline and teaches students to extract valuable information from large amounts of knowledge. International students getting to follow masters in data science in UK require a minimum of 60% in their bachelor’s. Additionally, you would like English proficiency many IELTS (6.0 or more) or equivalents. LORs are the principal supporting documents required together with your application package. you’ll expect to earn around 116,000 GBP a year with a graduation degree in data science.

Why Study Data Science within the UK?
As the volume of knowledge being collected by various organizations is increasing, the demand for data science graduates is additionally increasing, especially within the UK, as demonstrated by the Dynamics of knowledge Science Skills report of the Royal Society. The increase of demand has made data science one among the highly sought-after masters within the UK.

  • In the united kingdom , the demand for Data Scientists and Data Engineers increased by 231% within the past five years.
  • Funding of 13 Million GBP has been announced in AI, Data Analytics, and related projects.
  • A 45 million GBP investment has been made to 200 Ph.D. programs in AI and related fields, suggesting that the scope of Ph.D. within the UK in AI and relevant fields like data science, big data, etc is brighter than it’s ever been.
  • The average salary of knowledge Science graduates increased by 5% from 50,800 GBP in 2013 to quite 116,000 GBP at the present.
  • Home to AI and large Data drive companies like DeepMind, Benevolent AI, Oxbotica, and FiveAI also as Alan Turning Institute, makes UK one among the simplest study destinations for data science courses.
  • The highest increase of 35% in salaries of knowledge Engineers within the UK was also observed within the report published by the Royal Society .

MS in Data Science: what’s it about?
Masters in Data Science teaches the way to analyze an outsized set of data and extract useful statistics from it. This program also focuses on implementing the extracted data for the advantage of the organization or client. Students enrolled in masters in data science within the UK get in-depth knowledge and skills in Computational data analysis, Machine learning, Statistical principles of knowledge analysis, Insightful large-scale data analysis, Understanding the moral issues within the application of knowledge science techniques, and Initiating independent data science projects.

Some courses taught to MS in Data Science graduates studying in UK are Informatics Research Review, Informatics Project Proposal, Machine Learning, Statistics and Optimization, Databases and Data Management, Large-Scale Data Engineering, Technology, Innovation, Business, and Society, Introduction to AI , Text Analytics, and Visual Analytics.

MS in Data Science in UK Admissions
Students with a baccalaureate in computing or other related disciplines are eligible for creating applications for masters in data science in UK. An undergraduate degree in science , EE , linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology also are considered by some universities for MS in data science in UK admissions. The related degree courses which will be accepted must have statistics, mathematics, and similar subjects which will be considered while performing on data.

Where to Apply : Most of the schools within the UK accept international applications via their own application portal for a postgraduate program. Some universities also accept applications through the UCAS application portal.

Eligibility for MS in Data Science in UK
For pursuing a master’s in data science in UK a world student must fulfill the subsequent minimum criteria.

  • Bachelor’s degree in computing or relevant discipline.
  • 2:1 undergraduate degree or minimum 60% at bachelor’s level for a world degree.
  • GRE isn’t required.
  • English proficiency test scores.

Applications of international students could also be considered albeit they need a lower level of education in relevant subjects but substantial professional experience during a related field to support the shortage of degree required. This, however, may be a rare condition and applicants are considered on a private basis.

English Proficiency for International Students
Students from non-EU countries where English isn’t the first language are required to demonstrate proficiency within the English by submitting IELTS or TOEFL scores. PTE scores also are accepted by some universities within the UK. These scores must not be older than two years

MS in Data Science in UK Documents Required

  • Copies of the official academic transcript: Certificates and mark sheets of your previous institutes.

o English translation of non-English transcripts

  • Academic LOR (2-3)
  • Personal statement : a press release from the applicant catering to their achievements and detailing why they need to the program within the university. Applicants must confirm that private statement being a crucial a part of the appliance is capable of creating or breaking their chances. Ensuring that a private statement is well written ensures better chances of scoring an edge in your favorite university.
  • Updated resume : an in depth resume with all of your previous experiences, if any is additionally a crucial aspect of the applications.

Masters in Data Science in UK Costs
Students getting to study abroad need to bear three sorts of expenses : Pre-arrival Cost; Tuition Fees; and price of Living. the value one might spend before landing in UK on various applications, exams, etc are a neighborhood of the pre-arrival expense. the schooling fees and price of living abroad are cumbersome expenses to cater to. you ought to be conversant in these before applying for data science courses within the UK.

Tuition Fees for Masters in Data Science in UK
The average annual tuition fee of universities offering masters in data science in UK is around 23,000 to 25,000 GBP. The University of Edinburgh has the very best annual tuition fee of 32,500 GBP for masters in Data Science in UK. This amount is like 33 Lakhs INR once a year for Indian students.

Work-While Studying in UK
The United Kingdom gives you a piece permit for part-time jobs while you’re availing of any course from UK universities. It allows you to figure around 20 hours every week counting on the course structure you’re admitted to.

Some of the favored Part-time Jobs within the UK: Restaurant staff, Online Customer Services, Tutoring, Freelance Creative Writer, and Assistant jobs in Research Labs. you’ll also apply to college facilities just like the cafeteria, library, etc.

You can earn a mean amount of up to 115 GBP/week working during a part-time job which may assist you together with your personal expenses to a particular extent.

Internships : If you’re good at your academics and have good marks in your semesters you’ll simply choose internships at a number of the simplest automotive, aerospace, or power station industries which may again pay you well and assist you sustain within the UK.

Masters in Data Science in UK Jobs
Offering a big jurisdiction for giant data and related fields like data science and a quick pace increase within the demand for workers with specialist data skills, UK may be a great destination to seek out jobs post completion of the degree. As labor data analysis, the demand for skilled workers within the field has quite tripled over the past five years as compared to a general increase within the demand for workers in other fields. After completion of MS in Data Science, students can add one among the subsequent jobs in UK:

  • Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts
  • Analytics Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Systems Developers
  • Data-Driven Decision Makers
  • Functional Analysts


Which university is best for data science in UK?

The University of Edinburgh, Kings College of London, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, and University of Glasgow are a number of the top-ranking universities offering MS in Data Science in UK.

What proportion does it cost to review MS in Data Science in UK?

The typical tuition fee for studying master’s in data science in UK is around 23,000 GBP to 25,000 GBP per annum . the value of living in UK for international students is between 7,400 GBP to fifteen ,000 GBP.

What's the duration of MS in Data Science in UK?

The duration of a full-time master’s in data science within the UK is 1 year. A part-time degree within the same discipline are often completed in 2 years.

What are the wants to urge admission to a UK university offering masters in data science?

A baccalaureate in computing or related discipline is required to urge admission in MS in Data Science offered by UK universities. International students also are required to submit IELTS or TOEFL score as proof of English proficiency.

What are the work chances after an MS in Data Science from UK and the way much can earn with masters in data science degree from UK?

Students can work as Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts, Analytics Managers, Data Analysts, Data Systems Developers, Data-Driven Decision Makers and Functional Analysts after completion of masters in data science in UK. the typical salary of knowledge science graduates in UK is 53,253 GBP.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Once you’ve decided about what course you’re willing to enroll in, it’s time to understand what you would like to try to in order to be admitted. this is often to mention , you would like to see the university’s entry requirements.

There are not any typical requirements for all UK universities, therefore you would like to contact the University of your choice by yourself and ask about details. Overall, entry requirements for Indian students within the UK change counting on the sort of the course you would like to use for.

These vary between study programs and levels. For every course, Indian students will got to meet a minimum English requirement. alongside that a minimum academic record of 65% and above for arts stream in school XII, and 70 – 80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in school XII also will be required. Foundations and Diploma programs are available for college kids who have secured below 60%. The scholar should have completed 18 years aged before joining a course of study .

Documents required by UG aspirants for UK Student Visa

  • Marksheets and certificate of tenth and twelfth
  • Academic transcript
  • English proficiency test scores– IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • Copy of passport
  • CV (if applicable)

It is important to notice that these numbers are only for reference purposes, the particular numbers may differ from university to college

The following documents also got to be submitted for post-graduate aspirants :

  • Attested copies of mark sheets of sophistication X, XII, and therefore the baccalaureate (if applicable)

At least, two academic reference letters from professors who have taught you last

  • If you’ve got work experience then two letters of advice from the employer/manager who knows you well and may discuss your professional abilities
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume
  • Photocopied score reports of GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL
  • Portfolio (in case of scholars applying for art and style courses & architecture programs)
  • Others (certificates/achievements at the state and national level and extracurricular activities)
  • Proof of funds
  • Timeline
  • Here may be a timeline to follow to urge admission steps completed in time:
  • 12-18 months before enrollment
  • Start researching and choose 8-12 universities that you simply will apply to. Visit university websites and note application requirements, deadlines etc.
  • study options to fund your studies.
  • Make custom application strategies for various universities.
  • 10-12 months before enrolment
  • this is often the time once you shift from the preparation mode to making the appliance . Think hard about what causes you to unique as an applicant and sketch out your strengths and self-assessment.
  • Register yourself and begin preparing for required standardized tests like GMAT, GRE, UKCAT, TOEFL or IELTS – counting on the course and university.
  • 10 months before enrolment
  • Begin by downloading admissions brochures from the university websites.
  • Start performing on the UCAS admission form and application.
  • look for and start applying for external scholarships (if applicable).
  • Take standardized tests like GMAT and TOEFL.
  • Contact your professors and direct managers for a minimum of two reference letters.
  • Begin drafting your SOP and essays.
  • Alongside your admission applications, plan for your expenses like applying for an education loan.
  • Enrolments
  • Apply before the deadline!
  • you’ll need to appear for a video interview ahead of the admissions committee.
  • you’ll get your rejection letter via e-mail by April-June (the months may vary). The acceptance letter helps you attain student visa.
  • Gather paperwork for your student visa.
  • counting on the deadline, you’ll got to notify the schools of your decision, pay a non-refundable deposit, and apply for your student visa.
  • Application fee: All colleges require that you simply pay an application fee while applying. The fee amount will differ depending upon the school and course being applied to, so ask individual colleges about their application fee.
  • SOP : a press release of Purpose (SOP) is your introduction to the school and admission officers. it’s always written within the person and describes the rationale for applying to a specific college. It must highlight why you’re an ideal fit the school and why the school should accept you. the design of writing could differ from formal to casual, but it’s important to recollect that it should reflect your personality also .
  • Essay : Essays also are required to be submitted by a prospective student. Essays are a crucial a part of the university admissions process. Students could also be required to write down one or two essays, along side a couple of optional essays too. Common topics include career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, skills, experiences, and reasons for considering a specific school.
  • LOR : A letter of advice (LOR) may be a reference letter written by a 3rd party describing the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the potential student to recommend him to the school in terms of that individual’s ability to perform a specific task or function. The third party might be a professor, direct manager etc.
  • UCAS
  • Applications to all or any undergraduate courses are filled through Universities and Colleges Admission System or UCAS – a central organization within the UK that’s liable for receiving undergraduate applications and forwarding them to the respective institutions.
  • UCAS allows you to use to 5 Universities through a standard form. £13 is that the fees for one course or £24 for multiple courses and applications. The services offered by UCAS are designed for the admission to the September/October intake within the UK and you normally apply on to a university for courses starting in January or February.
  • Note – Students seeking admission to a postgraduate program will need to apply to individual universities using the appliance sort of that specific university. Most universities offer the power to use online for a nominal fee. Once the appliance form is filled appropriate supporting documents would need to be sent to the university. Although universities don’t have a deadline it’s recommended that you simply apply early to reinforce your chances of being made a suggestion .
  • Intake seasons
  • The main intake seasons are September/October and January/February within the UK. The services offered by UCAS are designed for the admission to the September or October intake within the UK. you’ve got to use on to a university for courses starting in January or February.

Language exams

International English Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS is an English exam that’s required to be taken by international candidates considering studying or working during a country where English is that the main language of communication. hottest countries where IELTS is accepted for university admissions are the united kingdom , Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. The exam mainly measures the power of test-takers to speak within the four Basic English language skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing. IELTS exam is jointly owned and conducted by IDP Education Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Assessment. With the amount of IELTS tests grew to a record of three .5 million within the year 2018, it’s become a pacesetter within the area of international education . it’s accepted in 100% of universities within the UK and Australia. Also, it’s accepted in additional than 3,400 institutions within the US and thousands of institutions in English-speaking countries.

Recent updates in IELTS

IDP to administer IELTS Exam in India: IELTS Tests in India are going to be administered by IDP after it acquires 100% stakes from British Council recently. it’s expected that the distribution of IELTS through IDP in India would simplify the method and improve customer’s experience. the whole process of acquiring these stakes and final settlements would most likely conclude by August 2021.

IELST Test Fee Update: IELTS Test fee is being revised to INR 14,700 for registrations from 11th-July-2021.

CORONAVIRUS ALERT: IELTS Partners has also launched the IELTS Indicator, a web English test for college kids who are suffering from the COVID-19 and aren’t ready to attend the IELTS test centre. IELTS Indicator will assess the student’s English skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students can take the test online from their homes.

Why IELTS Exam is required?

IELTS 2021 exam is required for migration also as academic purposes abroad in English-speaking countries like Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. it’s the sole English Test approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa applicants applying both outside and inside the united kingdom . tons of scholars get confused about why are the IELTS scores required. the straightforward answer to the present is that foreign universities and visa granting authorities got to make certain that you simply won’t have communication issues while staying within the country. you would like to point out an honest understanding and powerful command of English language which is why your overall IELTS scores are so important. Another common doubt students have is whether or not IELTS may be a compulsory exam or not. No, IELTS isn’t compulsory altogether university admissions. Many universities won’t even require IELTS scores for admission purposes. But remember that if you don’t give IELTS, your chances of getting the scholar visa might suffer because the visa officers might not be convinced about your English proficiency without IELTS scores. So it’s safer to seem for IELTS and aim to attain a minimum of 6 bands overall.

You can take the IELTS exam with British Council or IDP up to once every week (four times a month). British Council and IDP global schedule for test dates are 48 days per annum .

Types of IELTS

There are two sorts of IELTS exams: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Listening and speaking sections are an equivalent for both these tests, however, the topic matter for the writing and reading sections are different counting on which test one takes. The Reading, Writing, and Listening sections of the IELTS tests are completed on an equivalent day of the test with no breaks between them. However, the Speaking section are often completed either every week before or after the opposite tests date. This information test are often taken from your test centre. Read: Which exam to offer that course to review abroad

IELTS Academic Test

IELTS Academic is taken by those that apply for education or professional registration abroad.

IELTS General Test

IELTS General Test is taken by those that wish to migrate to major English speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and therefore the UK. This test is additionally taken by those that want to enroll in training programs or education or want to realize work experience during a country where English is that the main language used for communication.



Duolingo English Test

Duolingo English Test

Duolingo is an application that was launched in 2012 with the mission of creating learning easier the appliance helps people learn a bunch of foreign languages through a special methodology and also adapts the lesson consistent with the user’s end term goal or purpose. In 2014, Duolingo launched a web English proficiency exam so as to return out as an alternate for other English proficiency exams like IELTS/TOEFL. This blog covers all the Duolingo accepted universities across the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand.

About Duolingo Exam
Just like other proficiency exams, Duolingo assesses candidates on four criteria which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Since then a number of the schools have started accepting Duolingo English proficiency exam scores but not all of them. But, with the pandemic disrupting the entire world and everything shifting towards digital means, many universities started trying to find alternatives to the normal English proficiency tests. IELTS and TOEFL couldn’t be conducted thanks to the test centres being closed. So, at this point the amount of educational institutions accepting Duolingo scores is growing exponentially.

The cost of the test is $49 (INR 3605 approximately) and takes about 45-60 minutes. so as to require the test, candidates got to have a passport, driver’s license or a government ID proof able to identify on camera. a person with a camera, microphone, speakers, and reliable internet can take the test from the comfort of their home.

Benefits of Duolingo English Test
There are various benefits of taking the Duolingo test. we’ve listed them below for your reference.

  • Accessibility – the most important advantage of the Duolingo English Test is that it are often taken from the comfort of our home which could not be a plus earlier but with the pandemic entering our lives, Duolingo became the foremost feasible option at this point to conduct English proficiency tests. Although IELTS also recently launched its online test named IELTS Indicator but by this point Duolingo has already taken an enormous share within the market and has become one among the simplest options for college kids also as schools.
  • Affordability – While other English proficiency exams cost around $200 (INR 14,717 approximately) or above, Duolingo costs just $49 (INR 3,605 approximately). This comes as a serious relief to students trying to review abroad as they need to face many expenses and anything which will cut those expenses right down to even a touch bit makes tons of difference for them.
  • Faster Results – This test provides the result within 24-48 hours as compared to IELTS/TOEFL which takes about 4-5 days to announce the result. The results provided by Duolingo are much faster as compared to other english proficiency exams.
  • Time Duration – The duration of the test is 45-60 minutes as compared to IELTS which is 2 hour and 45 minutes. So, the time commitment is far lower as compared to other traditional tests.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility is yet one more factor that differentiates this English test from the opposite ones. A Duolingo test is often taken anywhere, anytime and you only need a reliable internet connection.
  • Mock Tests – This test also offers the choice of attempting multiple mock tests before taking the particular test which provides students all the relevant knowledge regarding the ultimate test.

Duolingo Exam Pattern
The test offered by Duolingo is an adaptive test which suggests that the test keeps on getting harder with more right answers and the other way around.

The test measures different aspects of English language through –

  • Completing missing letters from section of a text
  • Finding out real English words from the fake ones
  • Typing the statement which the candidates hear
  • Describing a picture

After this, the candidates are required to require a video interview wherein they will speak on anybody of the 2 topics and therefore the same process happens with writing also. The score comes on a scale of 10-160 within 2 days of completion of the exam. Aside from all this, even schools accepting Duolingo score enjoy a way larger applicant pool, providing them with a comprehensive approach to seem at the scholars by watching their video interviews, written samples and their score.

How is DET different from IELTS or TOEFL?

Let us understand the differences between DET and other traditional testing systems,

  1. one among the simplest benefits of DET over IELTS or TOEFL is that you simply don’t got to visit the testing centre’s; instead, you’ll appear at your range in a quiet, well-lit room with an honest internet connection.
  2. Cost for DET is nearly 1/4th of that you simply buy the opposite traditional tests. It costs only 49 dollars (3720 INR) against 180-200 dollars (14000-15500 INR) for IELTS and TOEFL.
  3. it’s a really short duration test of just 45-60 minutes whereas IELTS and TOEFL take around 2-3 hours. within the case of IELTS, it’s given within the period of two days.
  4. You’ll get your test results within 48 hours of giving DET whereas in IELTS and TOEFL it takes around 10-20 days for test results.
  5. Before appearing for the most DET you’ve got the power of appearing for multiple mock tests to urge a particular idea of the testing system which isn’t available just in case of IELTS or TOEFL.

What are the contents of DET?
Duolingo English Test is split into 3 sections with different duration slots:

  1. Quick Setup : within the first 05 minutes of the test you’ll be introduced to the DET and various rules and requirements.
  2. Adaptive Questions : For next 45 minutes, there’ll be sets of questions which can test your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and skills which is that the main section as your grades are majorly hooked in to it. As we discussed earlier adaptive questioning are going to be done to check the proficiency on the idea of your ability.
  3. Video Interview : Last 10 minutes will contains a video of the answers given by you for the questions displayed on the screen. supported your test performance you’ll tend a subject on which you would like to write down for around 3-5 minutes.

How to use DET?
Follow the below-given steps to finish DET:

  1. Firstly open the link – and make your account by clicking on check in .
  2. After that, you’ll check your skills by taking the practice test.
  3. Once you’re confident enough to seem for the most tests, make the payment for DET which is 49 Dollars by Credit or open-end credit.
  4. Before you begin the most tests, you would like to see your internet connection, check your computer’s microphone by recording short audio because headphones or earphones aren’t allowed. Check your webcam by taking your photo and also keep your passport and any of the government id proof ready with you.
  5. Once everything is proper, you would like to travel ahead and fill the private details as per your government ID and for verification photo of your ID are going to be clicked.
  6. After that, you’ll start your actual test by clicking on START and once you complete it you’ll have an choice to send the results on to the university or institute if you’ve got already applied before appearing for DET.

What is the DET scores requirement for Admissions?
Scoring in DET is different as compared to other testing systems as they provide an overall score for the entire test and not the separate score for every module as that of IELTS.

Different score levels justify the various levels of English proficiency of the scholars.

  1. Score 10-55 : Can understand very Basic English words, phrases, straightforward information and express themselves in familiar contexts.
  2. Score 60-85 : Can understand the most points of concrete speech or writing on routine matters like work and faculty and may describe experiences, ambitions, opinions, and plans, although with some awkwardness or hesitation.
  3. Score 90-115 : Can fulfill most communication goals, even on unfamiliar topics, understand the most ideas of both concrete and abstract writing and interact with proficient speakers fairly easily.
  4. Score 120-160 : Can understand a spread of demanding written and speech including some specialized language use situations, can grasp implicit, figurative, pragmatic, and idiomatic language and may use language flexibly and effectively for many social, academic, and professional purposes.